Eyewear: the stylish defender of your health

High quality sunglasses are not just fashionable accessories — they protect your eyes from the sunlight, dust, wind and other unfavourable conditions. Barisi International team knows about that, and this is why we provide excellent eyewear to any taste and budget.

Ultraviolet radiation does not depend on the season. In winter, the rays of the sun are reflected from the snow and cause as much damage to the eyes as on a fine summer day. In cloudy weather, vision also needs adequate protection, since the clouds that block the sun’s rays freely allow UV radiation to pass through. This means that you need to protect your eyes at all times; the main thing is to choose the eyewear in accordance with the season and the weather.

People who are at special risk and most exposed to ultraviolet rays should be particularly attentive to the selection of sunglasses. For example, those who are taking certain types of medications which directly affect the light sensitivity of your eyes and can increase it quite significantly. Keep in mind that if your eyes are light (blue, grey, or green), they are more susceptible to UV radiation.

So, who needs eyewear? The only possible answer here is everyone without exception, because it is easier to prevent negative effects on the eyes than to cure them. Our online store will be a great helper for both men and women, as we provide elegant sunglasses in different shapes, colors and styles. You can find here models in different designs — classic, vintage, sport, and in various shapes — square, cat-eye or aviator; so, you can choose the frames and lenses that will perfectly fit your face shape.

Barisi International online store is glad to offer you the best selection of fashion eyewear for men and women. Take care of your eyes and choose high-quality sunglasses here!

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